Operational Updates

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Operational Updates

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We are monitoring the ever changing situation with Coronavirus and the potential impact to adventure travel. We commit to keeping this page updated in the event that changes occur and we learn more about this fluctuating situation.

First, a quick note from Paddling South:

For over three decades, you have trusted Paddling South with your precious recreation and vacation time. You have expected us to keep you safe and secure while paddling and exploring the unforgettable Sea of Cortez. This is not an assignment we take lightly, regardless of what the circumstances dictate. Our team has worked together to ensure the best possible experience from the time you first contact us to the time you say goodbye. We all get the value of meaningful experiences or travel, but we recognize that this luxury can’t come at just any cost.

Our hearts go out to everyone adversely affected by this nasty virus. Our sincere thanks are extended to those on the front lines committed to treating and taking care of those contracting or exposed to COVID-19. As things unfold, we are all seeing the impact close to home emotionally and economically. We will do whatever we can to continue to support all those fighting the good fight.

All that said, we have taken a hard look at various policies in place; some have been implemented for many years and have always been some of the most customer-friendly in the business. At times like this, that’s just not enough. We will continue to monitor the Coronavirus situation and its impact on your paddling and travelling with us. Our mantra around the office at this time is: "Individually we are a drop, together we are the ocean!" We are meeting this challenge together.
We remain confident that we’ll make it through this together and will come out stronger on the other side.

Without further ado, below are Paddling Souths' most up to date "lightened" travel and cancellation policies.

First of all, it should be noted that due to Paddling Souths' “family vibe”, we work with every guest, to figure out what works best for you and your individual situation on a case-by-case basis. We can be a bit flexible, but we still need to stand by our policies in order to work with multiple interests (accommodations, guides, our in-country outfitters and suppliers, etc.) The following lightened policies are what we decided on, after a hard look into our overall operations:

- $1.00 deposit to reserve a spot. All typical confirmation materials and communication sent to clients.
-25% of trip cost due at 60 days out.
-Full payment due at 30 days out.

-If Paddling South cancels you receive a full refund, OR, a future credit equal to 110% of your payment, towards another trip through 2021.
-If you cancel 16 days or more out from the trip start...ability to reschedule with 75% credit, or 50% refund. (Rescheduled trips must fall within the 2021-2022 seasons)
-If you cancel 15 days or less from the start of the trip....no refund or rescheduling.
-For all trip reservations, we highly recommend travel insurance. We have found travel insurance to be a great product for our clients under many circumstances.
-A few of our recommended vendors:

Given the COVID-19 concerns that we are all currently watching, many travellers may want to consider "Cancel for Any Reason" coverage. CFAR is more expensive than regular travel insurance, and usually only covers up to 75% of the non-refundable portion of your trip payment, but this type of coverage may be the right choice for you. This coverage typically must be purchased within 21 days of paying your initial trip deposit. https://www.travelexinsurance.com/

*Please note that we will make every attempt to abide by these "lightened" travel policies. In this ever-changing situation, we reserve the right to make changes to these policies as necessary.

We want to reassure you that your health, safety, and well being remains our top priority. Fortunately, the vast majority of our adventures take place in nature’s playground and we will spend our days as far away from crowds as humanly possible. We will not compromise any detail to simply “pull off a trip” PERIOD.

We don’t like surprises and know you don’t either. We won’t cancel your trip on a whim without detailed and frequent conversations and input with you. There are just too many options to work through. We are sticking to the basics at this time in following the ABC’s:  - Anticipate - Be Honest  - Communicate

On behalf of the entire Paddling South team, we THANK YOU for sticking with us during these challenging times. We won’t let you down. As always, we will make ourselves available 24/7 for any additional questions or concerns you may have.

Galen Licht CEO and President

Steve Hayward General Manager and Baja Programs Director